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Cancellation of the activity by the client

Turizem in šport, Tadej Tekavčič S.P., Dolenjska cesta 156b, 1000 Ljubljana (hereainfter Ljubljana active trips or LAT) organizes and leads the following activities: day trips in Slovenia, mountain bike tours, city tours. LAT also operates as an outdoor sports agency and therefore sells other activities that are organized and lead by third party contractors. The following activities are provided by LAT as an agent and organized and lead by third party contractors: rafting, kayaking, stand up paddling, or any other activity organized and sold by LAT at any time in the future. All the activities, the one’s organized and lead by LAT and the one’s organized and lead by third party contractors, shall hereinafter be referred as “activity/activities”.

- I, the undersigned declare that I am aware that the activity in which I have knowingly and voluntarily agreed to take part is an activity involving an increased level of danger and therefore, in the case of accident, it should be taken into account that I have knowingly accepted this risk. Since LAT cannot guarantee absolute safety while the activity is under way, in the case of accident or mishap during the activity I accept joint liability.

- The period of duration of the activity shall be considered to be everything that happens from the moment the client is accepted by one of the LAT employees until the client returns from one of the activities listed above and leaves LAT’s vehicle.

- In case of injury during the activity, I shall provide all the necessary personal details to the responsible person at LAT. I shall report all injuries occurring during the activity to LAT and together with LAT make a report which I shall also sign. In the case of accident, I consent to be accompanied to a doctor by representative of LAT.

- I am aware that safety comes first, and therefore I will follow the instructions of guides and other LAT staff.

- I respect the fact that LAT does not allow guests under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances to take part in activities. I confirm that I am not under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

- I am aware that LAT does not advise participation in activities for pregnant women and heart patients.

- I am aware that those suffering from epilepsy, asthma and other health problems must consult the guides before the activity.

- I am aware that in case of various prior physical injuries I must consult the guides before the activity.

- I am aware that LAT does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged personal items.

- I am aware that LAT photographs clients before, during and after activities. I give my consent to be photographed, and for the photographs to be used for LAT promotional purposes. I agree that photographs taken before, during and after activities are the property of LAT.

I accept and confirm that I have been informed of and acquainted with all my obligations and responsibilities, as well as the potential dangers and risks that can occur during all the activities.


Any use of photographs for commercial purposes or their alteration or modification by any natural or legal person shall be permitted only with the prior consent of the author of the photograph. Any violation of the copyrights of the author of photographs shall be punishable and may result in the material liability of the user. Ljubljana active trips shall assume no liability for the use of photographs and videos that is in contravention of these rules.

Explore active with us
Group foto: Ariane Littman
Dragon: Pixabay

MTB capital
Cover: Erik Pleško
Castle: Erik Pleško
Bike train: Marko Poljak
City tour: Ariane Littman
Forest: Tadej Tekavčič
Bikes: Tadej Tekavčič

Refreshment tour
Cover: Tadej Tekavčič
City kayak: Pixabay
Other photos: Tadej Tekavčič

Tailored tour
Cover photo: Jošt Gantar,
Bikes in the city: BigStock
SUP: Peter Žnidaršič
Plečnikove arcade:
Odprta kuhna: Jošt Gantar,
Other photos: Tadej Tekavčič

Hikes to remember
Cover photo: Jošt Gantar,
Jezersko: BigStock
Logarska dolina: Tomo Jeseničnik,
Velika planina: Teddy Verneuil,
Rinka waterfall: Jošt Gantar,
Sheppard huts: Markuš photography
Biker and cows: Matej Okorn

Unusual stories
Cover photo: Jošt Gantar,
Velenje lake: Matej Vranič
Kamnik castle: Jošt Gantar,
Hops Žalec: arhiv ZKŠT, Žalec Nea Culpa
Kamnik church: Jošt Gantar,
Žalec beer fountain: Jošt Gantar,
Velenje panorama: Suljić Sedin
SUP joga: MZT Velenje
KuntaKinte: Pixabay

Slovenian classic
Cover photo: Tomo Jeseničnik,
Rafting: Blaž Stan
Peričnik waterfall: Tomo Jeseničnik,
Lake jasna jump: Sara Rožič
Planica ski jumps: Iztok Medja,
Lake jasna tower: Tomo Jeseničnik,
Zelenci: Pixabay
Lake Bled panorama: Pixabay
Lake Bled SUP: Ivana Petrinjak

Slovenian underground
Cover photo: Tomo Jeseničnik,
Lake Cerknica: Markuš photography
Škocjan caves bridge: arhiv PŠ, Borut Lozej
Rakov Škocjan: Jošt Gantar,
Rakov Škocjan bridge: Jošt Gantar,
Rakov Škocjan big natural bridge: Jošt Gantar,

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